Software for Law Enforcement

With Info-Cop™, hundreds of public safety departments throughout the country are providing thousands of police officers in the field with direct, immediate access to local, state, and federal crime databases.

Officers use Info-Cop™ to tap into a wireless computer network from laptop and tablet PCs, in-station PCs, pocket PCs, and smart phones, gaining access to complete motor vehicle and warrant information plus photos. Using a central server, Info-Cop™ allows officers to query NCIC, NLETS, CAD, and RMS records in seconds.

Info-Cop™ improves officer and public safety by enabling real-time interdepartmental tracking of summons or warnings issued on the Info-Cop™ system. The combination of powerful software and rapid access to state and national information over wireless networks enables officers to assess situations quickly and accurately.


  • Windows-based software
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant
  • All NCIC codes built into the system in drop-down boxes
  • Properly formats – just type and click
  • Multiple queries with one touch. NLETS, State Wanted, NCIC, DMV, Info-Cop™, CAD software
  • Warning and summons issued in the Info-Cop™ system tracked
  • Photo images displayed in real time without any unnecessary steps
  • Officers are alerted to any warnings, summonses, or flags issued to a person or vehicle in the past 12 months within the Info-Cop™ systems statewide
  • Quick plate function allows an officer to look up 6 plates simultaneously
  • Responses stored for easy lookup of data from the mobile or police headquarters
  • Extensive logging of all transactions and messaging
  • True multiagency program – many agencies can connect to one server and do their own silent dispatch and messaging
  • Bar code scanning of drivers’ licenses
  • Electronic police forms modules allows agencies to use the electronic police forms package to move the form data to the in-house database, as well as take the information into a MS SQL 2000 database so CAD vendors can easily update the CAD records system
  • Info-Cop™  can be linked between agencies to share valuable stored information
  • Responses are returned within seconds
  • Voice feedback on hits and alerts
  • Real-time officer status information
  • Ties Info-Cop™ users together to a nationwide Info-Cop™ database to share warnings, summonses and flags
  • Interagency messaging capability on a single server
  • Real-time department and private chat area
  • Complete electronic index of Hazmat Files for quick access chemical descriptions and proper procedures on how to handle the chemicals
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